Witness in the Theology of Hebrews

Here is the abstract of an article I have written for a new journal called Unio Cum Christo (International Journal of Reformed Theology and Life) Volume 1, No. 1-12/Fall 2015. This issue contains biblical and historical studies related to persecution and Christian witness, as well as articles on contemporary contexts where persecution is experienced.

In the pages of Scripture, God bears witness to the person and work of his Son, and testifies to the faith of key biblical characters. These in turn testify to Christians about the many dimensions of enduring faith. Jesus is effectively the ultimate witness to the faith that triumphs through suffering. Although Hebrews does not use the language of witness with reference to Christians, they are urged to imitate the faith and patience of those who inherit God’s promises, and to confess Jesus as the source of their hope and lifestyle.


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