Romans Commentary

The commentary I have been working on since 2012 is finished and is now published. The series is called Biblical Theology for Christian Proclamation. The publishers are B&H Publishing Group, Nashville Tennessee. The series is based on the new Holman translation, simply called Christian Standard Bible (2017). But I have made a careful study of the Greek and brought this into the analysis of the text where necessary. A particular feature of this series is the desire to relate the interpretation of each biblical book to the Bible’s story line and to explore theological themes in the light of biblical teaching more generally. I have done this for Romans in an extensive introduction, but have also demonstrated in the exegesis how Paul develops these themes. More details about the commentary and my approach to this book can be found in the folder on Romans on this website.

Dr Simon Gathercole, who is Reader in New Testament at the University of Cambridge and Fellow and Director of Studies in Theology at Fitzwilliam College, has kindly written this commendation:
“A career of research involving both fine-grained New Testament exegesis and biblical-theological integration make David Peterson an ideal person to write this exposition of Romans. The verse-by-verse commentary is brimming with insightful exegesis, and the elucidation of the biblical-theological themes of Romans contains a careful and powerful articulation of the Gospel. I think Paul would like this commentary!”

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