Published articles on Hebrews

‘The Situation of the “Hebrews” (5:11-6:12)’, Reformed Theological Review, 35 (1, 1976).

‘The Prophecy of the New Covenant in the Argument of Hebrews’, Reformed Theological Review, 38 (3, 1979). See now the updated and expanded version of this: ‘The Renewal of Worship’ in Transformed by God: New Covenant Life and Ministry (Nottingham: IVP; Downers Grove: InterVarsity, 2012), 77-103.

‘Biblical Theology and the Argument of Hebrews’, in D. Peterson & J. Pryor (ed.), ‘In the Fulness of Time’: biblical studies in honour of Archbishop Donald Robinson (Homebush West: Lancer, 1992), 219-35. See Hebrews and Biblical Theology.

‘The boldness of faith: Hebrews and Assurance’, in R. J. Gibson (ed.), Explorations 10: Justification and Christian Assurance (Adelaide: Open Book, 1996), 99-117. See Hebrews and Assurance .

‘God and Scripture in Hebrews’, in P. Helm & C. Trueman (ed.), The Trustworthiness of God: perspectives on the nature of Scripture (Leicester: Apollos, 2002), 118-138.

‘The Incarnation and Christian Living’, in D. Peterson (ed.), ‘The Word became flesh’: Evangelicals and the Incarnation. Papers from the Sixth Oak Hill College Annual School of Theology (Carlisle: Paternoster, 2003), 87-108.

‘Perfection: achieved and experienced’, in J. Griffiths (ed.), The Perfect Saviour: Key Themes in Hebrews (Nottingham: Inter-Varsity, 2012), 125-145.

See also Atonement in Hebrews.


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